The Legend of the Crimson Cloak

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The Legend of the Crimson Cloak

Post by Ran Suzuka on Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:42 am

Long ago, four deities fought for control over the universe. Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma. The four's clash could easily end the universe they were trying to control, destroying galaxy after galaxy in their wake. Truly, this was a sign of the end times.

But a being came forth, cloaked in crimson. A being that came in peace, to calm the four deities. In its attempt, the deities turned on it, and in mutual agreement, they blasted it with all their power. It eradicated this being in a single strike...but they failed to realize this was all according to plan. In striking it with all their power, the deities had awoken a fifth fabled power, Epsilon. This power absorbed their very essence into it and contained it in the rags of the being, restoring them to a pristine state. This artifact came to be known as the Crimson Cloak, buried deep in the grounds of their ancient battle.

This tale was told, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, between the masses of the world. Expeditions were made to the hallowed grounds to find the Cloak, but to no avail. Guilds, formed for the sake of this mission, began to spend their time gathering information and performing other tasks, in the hope of someday being able to capture the Cloak for their own purposes.

One girl, Ran Suzuka, forms a guild in the basement of her mother's tavern, "The Plastered Puffin," in the hope that she will simply find the Cloak and be able to tell the world it exists for sure. She values adventure, not treasure. But Ran, and her allies in the guild, do not know how significant they truly are in pursuing this venture...

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