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Shay Masaru

Post by BluishOverDrive on Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:24 pm

Name: Shay Masaru
Age: 20

Theme song:

Why the Plastered Puffin?: Shay Masaru had been dealt a bad hand in life when he was 13, after a terrible tragedy occurred. To him the goal of the Plastered Puffin (The Cloak) is something worth striving for in order to hopefully undo what happened or make the person or organization responsible pay for their crimes.

Deck Type: Raidraptors
Deck Description: Swarm the field with level 4 RR monsters then go into several Rank 4 Xyz Monsters. Using the RMUs, Rank them up and summon higher rank Xyz Monsters for more offensive plays.

Personality: Shay Masaru gives off an intimidating aura about him, and while he does act upon it he still tries not to do too much to those he trusts. However, when against an enemy or when put into a desperate situation he calmly brushes it off and immediately shifts to a more aggressive style, reminded constantly by the pain he suffers everyday in his quest to rebuild his life. Nevertheless, in the past he used to be a gentle and more caring individual, the question is whether that still remains in his character or not.

Born in a middle-class family Shay was a simple yet enjoyable individual to be around, dueling with his friends and attending school and such like any normal person all the way until the day after his 13th birthday. He returned home and found that the door to his house was busted and all the lights were broken he could hear some commotion happening in the basement so he headed there first. Unfortunately the door to it was blocked from the inside so no one from the outside could enter unless he was quite strong, a 13 yr old like Shay could not have broken that door down with the setup from the inside. Shun instead saw a crack near a side of the wall and ran there in order to see what is happening inside. To his surprise he saw a man wearing a dark cloak and duel disk, facing him were his brother and sister who were standing in front of the body of his father (a shocking sight for Shun) with their duel disks at the ready, they each brought out their ace monsters (Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and Ice Beast Zerofyne) and tried to fend off the figure. However, no matter how hard they tried they were unable to end it, losing to the figure's final monster and sent flying in a shockwave towards the wall. "..Your father was foolish, tell me what I want to know or I will end you both like I did him." The two siblings rose to their feet and immediately stared at the crack that Shay was peaking from, gave him a smile, and responded "Go" "Die" with a swift move they grabbed their ace cards and flung them through the crack on the wall as they landed between Shay's fingers "Run now Shay!" "Get as far away from here as you can!" The dark figure grabbed the two with a choke hold and slowly turned around to see if someone was there, his red eyes causing fear to swell up within Shay, due to that one look Shay could do nothing but run as his eyes were dripping with tears. He ran out of the house and was already several meters away, that was when he heard a large blast that even sent his body flying forward for a bit, he turned around and saw that his home and even most of the town he lived in....was destroyed.

An investigation was issued but until now nothing came out of it, the cloaked figure was never found and Shay was the one suffering for the rest of his life due to this, due to his weakness and inability to stand in their place and protect them like he should have. For the rest of his life he spent his time training and bettering his deck The Raidraptors, now armed with his brother Ray's Dark Rebellion and Rika's Zeofyne, his main goal: taking revenge for them by finding this person and understanding why this happened to begin with, but now that he has heard about the The Cloak and The Plastered Puffin he has a second option in his mind, as he questioned what this cloak can fully do.
(There will be a backstory about how he obtained the Raidraptor Deck after some time.)

Skills: (To be announced)

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