Ends of the Earth

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Ends of the Earth

Post by Dementuo on Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:22 am

Name: Keter Sindra
Age: ??

Deck Type: Red-Eyes
Deck Description: A dragon-based deck focused around the "Red-Eyes" family designed to fill the board with powerful monsters and inflict high amounts of burn damage.


Personality: zzz

long ass background:
From the world’s beginning to the present day, legends and myths of godlike beings have passed through generations. Among these legends, a select few stand out as more than just a fairy tale; legends that speak of people that still live, places that still exist, artifacts and relics that remain intact. The Crimson Cloak, the four deities of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega, the tale of the hero Epsilon.
Each of these entities holds a legend of its own, however. The Crimson Cloak’s story of creation, the hero Epsilon’s origin, and the roles of the Four in relation to the rest of the world.

Begin Alpha, the first Deity’s, story. A great Black Dragon, bearing three powerful heads, commanding incredible power. She existed as guardian and protector of her birthplace, her origin, the Tree of Life Sephirot. At the edge of the world, barren and void of any life but their own, Alpha lingered with the Tree, ensuring its proper growth. Tending to it, caring for it. Day after day, year after year, the growing and changing world unknown to Alpha.

In time, Alpha would come to better understand her situation. She was alone, truly, and that feeling would continue to eat away at her, eroding her spirit entirely. Alpha knew not of how to end this feeling, having never encountered another being. Lost and filled with uncertainty, Alpha turned to the only other thing she knew: The Sephirot.

“What must I do to be free of my loneliness?”

The Tree of Life spoke to her, not with words, but with a gesture, its roots opening up and its branches extending outwards, as if to touch the Black Dragon’s heads. She could only barely comprehend the Tree’s message, but she understood all the same. Life could not be created from nothing, so she must offer up life in exchange for life. Alpha bit into the necks of her other two heads, and severed them from her body. Placing the twin heads into the opened roots, the Tree accepted her sacrifice, and began to shine brilliantly. A light that pierced the cloudy sky, and lit up the heavens anew. From the remains of the twin heads, two human figured were formed, a boy and a girl. Drawing from the fruit of its branches, the tree bestowed its power unto the two children. The girl received the kind heart of the mother, that made sacrifice in order to create new life. The boy received the protecting nature of the mother, creating with it a bond with the Tree itself, and a desire to protect it, just as the mother had for so many years.

Alpha was overjoyed with the Tree’s gifts of life, and thanked the tree sincerely. Naming them after the fruits the Tree had infused the children with, the girl Chesed and the boy Gevurah were born into the world. They would share their lives with their mother, creator, for centuries to come.

But those centuries would not be in peace. The Tree’s display of power had wrought the attention of the far corners of the world. With the coming of new life, all life began to seek out the Tree, and upon seeing it for what it was, they would desire its power for their own, too. The Black Dragon Alpha had to uphold her role as protector twofold, both for the Tree and her new kin. The world around them grew hot, and the sky above them was blistered by the sun. While Chesed remained under the Tree’s wide crown, Alpha and Gevurah would stand watch in the sun’s intense rays, drawing in the heat themselves.

It was then that something new unveiled itself to the Black Dragon.

A womanly figure, with the head of a beast, now stood before Alpha. The creature challenged Alpha for the Tree’s power, speaking unfamiliar words, declaring the future of their world a failure. Alpha could not understand the creature’s intentions beyond taking the Tree’s power for her own. Fighting back against it, the two would clash, and their powers would repel one another, until Gevurah stepped in and assisted his parent figure. By the strength of two, the single enemy was pushed back and forced away. The creature departed in lament, crying over a supposedly ruined world. Gevurah grew in strength that day, learning of the world and its internal troubles.

The sun’s searing winds and intense rays would turn to a gentle breeze and a warm, yet mild glare. Chesed now ventured from beyond the Tree’s reach, experiencing for the first time the sun’s direct heat. She basked in it, as did her kin, and the three continued their roles as protectors as years passed them by.

But with another century passed, their peace would not remain. A new figure appeared before them, appearing almost like an insect, yet angelic in shape. Its exterior hard and thick, but smooth and glowing against the sun. This being requested the Tree’s power for its own, speaking not a single word more than necessary. Alpha could only refuse, and the two would stare at one another from afar. Neither would attack, neither would even move. The being was content on simply waiting, and lingered in its stance for many years, never moving an inch. It would only be when Gevurah, in a fit of rage at the being’s incomprehensible behavior, struck against its hard shell. The being let loose a bright flash of light, and Gevurah found himself in pain. It had not moved, but Gevurah understood; He had lost, in the blink of an eye, to this mysterious creature. Alpha would fight the creature herself in retaliation, and the two clashed at last.

The battle was determined within the same instant it began. The creature was forced away, defeated. Gevurah grew in strength that day, learning of the world and its cruelties.

With the second threat gone, the three returned to their roles once again, and the flow of time continued.

Upon the next century’s pass, Gevurah grew weary. The sky grew dark and the earth turned cold, and Gevurah began to feel the presence of a new threat coming from some far edge of the world. Beyond even that, however, Chesed had fallen ill. With their lives tied to the Tree, both children felt the effects of the world’s chilling winds against the Tree’s surface. With the sun’s rays blocked by the clouded sky, it could only begin to wither, the life of the children wilting alongside it. Gevurah held strong through the bitter cold, but Chesed, who had spent her life under the Tree’s shade, lacked the warmth drawn from the sun’s previous shine to keep her strong. Alpha began to fear for the life of her kin. Turning once more to the Tree, she spoke.

“How can we be free of this cold death?”

The Tree extended its branches once more, pointing Alpha to the world’s center. Alpha would leave her kin behind that day, departing her role as protector of the Sephirot, to fulfill her role as protector of her own flesh and blood.

Alpha would never return. The tree would wilt and die, the life slowly draining from it. Chesed and Gevurah, the two children left with nothing, would share the same fate.

Primordial Sun: Once per turn, by paying 800 Life Points, you can special summon one level 4 or lower monster in your graveyard. Then, every monster you control becomes DARK attribute. During the End Phase, destroy any monster summoned by this effect.
Ashes of Dreams: Begin the game with "Void Expansion" on the field. That card is unaffected by all other card effects.


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