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Noel Kusanagi

Post by NoelKusanagi on Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:43 pm

Name: Noel Kusanagi
Age: 21
Why the Plastered Puffin?: With a name like that, it just sounds like it is asking for adventures! I'm always up for the challenge! Junk Warrior and I will take on whatever gets thrown at us!

Deck Type: Junk/Synchrons/Stardust
Deck Description: Quick and easy Synchro Summoning with the main monster being Junk Warrior. Most of the cards in the deck support Junk monsters as well as protecting Synchro monsters. Scrap Fist is the best attack.

Personality: A duelist who seeks nothing but a strong challenge. She loves testing the limits of her deck and will do anything to break them. Easy going with everyone but can get mad pretty easily if picked on the wrong way.

Background: WIP

Skills: WIP

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