He was loyal when everyone else was a TRAITOR

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He was loyal when everyone else was a TRAITOR

Post by Coolest Stormtrooper on Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:21 am

"Through their beauty, a flower can open a person's heart.  But, the reason the flower evolved beautifully and fragrantly is to lure insects."


Name: Yamakage Shion
Age: 20
Why the Plastered Puffin: The Crimson Cloak took Shion's attention, alongside the thrill assiocated with all the dangers waiting ahead on the journey the cloak's very existence would prove the existence of the legendary beings before it. For something so bizzare to exist, Shion couldn't miss the chance to see it before his very eyes. On top of all that he believes the Crimson Cloak to be a powerful artifact, overflowing with supernatural properties and abilities that could be used to fullfil one's goal, be it good hearted or sinister in nature. Or he could simply sell it for hundreds, millions or even maybe billions. Who knows?

Character Skill:
"Branch of Sin - Humanity: All Xyz Monsters in your Extra Deck and face-up on your side of the field are treated as both LIGHT and DARK Insect-type monsters. Once per turn durning your Main Phase 1 you may detach 2 Xyz Materials from a Xyz Monster you control, Xyz Summon 1 LIGHT or DARK Insect-type "Number" Xyz Monster from your Extra Deck that is 1 Rank higher using that monster as a Xyz Material (All Xyz Materials attached to that monsters also becomes Xyz Materials attached to the Xyz Summoned monster). If you Xyz Summon this way, all "Digital Bug" monsters attached to the Xyz Monster give their Xyz Material effects to it. Only the Xyz Summoned monster may attack durning this turn." (Name and effect of the skill are subject to change)

Deck Type: Digital Bug, Bee Force, Resonator, Number Xyz (Bee Force maybe subject to change)
Deck Description: The Digital Bugs focus on swarming the field with level 3 LIGHT Insects for Xyz Summoning, although they're limited to Insect-type, they offer great benefits when used as Xyz Materials focused around punishing the opponent's defense position monsters and gathering a large quanity of materials to perform multiple Xyz Changes in a row turning a mere rank 3 into a powerful rank 7. The Resonators and Bee Force serve to further increase the field swarm, but instead focus on turning weak monsters into powerful high level Synchro Monsters to devastate the opponent. The deck as a whole also represents Shion's view on the society and the entire human races - Insects, parasites that swarm into a large unstoppable mob, rendering anything before them defenseless and rot it from the very core.

"Armed with a face devoid of any expression variety Shion is the kind of person to willingly engage into cooperative work and socialize with members of his team within the Plastered Puffin guild, he always sticks to a group and very rarely wanders around alone unless something of utmost importante requires him to do so. He appears to always be calm and holds himself together quite well. Inside this apparently fearless shell hide emotions such as the lack of trust, disgust and sometimes even fear towards humans. Such feelings were born from his past, resulting in him viewing others and monsters rotten to the core, spreading that corruption onto anyone they hang around with. He is often morbid, pessimistic and sometimes even sarcastic or blunt in his statements. He views all members of his team, and members of the Plastered Puffin and other teams as both team mates and rivals in his quest for the Crimson Cloak."

"From a young age, Shion learned how harsh life truly is, punished by his strict parents who expected him to be a perfect child they've always wanted to have, very rarely did they resort to violence but they still hurt their child's spirit. As he grew up he moved from group to group, witnessing how cruel humans can be. Stealing, lying, and even killing seemed like an everyday thing for others to do, it led him to believe that this is what Humanity really is, and that such cruel and unforgiveable acts are what is right in this society. He wasn't happy about it, but believed that he himself had to become a monster aswell to survive in this world, this led to self hatred and shaped him as a perseon for the rest of his life. But he continued to believe that there exists a small possibility to save Humanity from this corruption. And so he wandered from group to group once again, town to town and even city to city in search for atleast one person not yet afflicted by this evil. At some point durning his journey, the legend of the Crimson Cloak found its way into Shion's ear, and so did the rumors about the Plastered Puffin, having lost all kinds of hope he decided to register himself and embark on that journey. If he failed to find a good hearted human being, then maybe the thrill of danger would re-ignite his spark for living once again. And if all else fails, all he needed to beleive in is the Crimson Cloak's existence, which basing on the legend would be a powerful artifact, maybe even powerful enough to erase all evil from the human race."

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