Introduction/Main Rules

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Introduction/Main Rules

Post by Ran Suzuka on Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:43 am

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! : Peris of the Plastered Puffin! I apologize to those who already knew about this RP; this was supposed to be my Christmas gift to you all, that I had stuff prepared, but life got in my way a bit.

Some things to know about this RP:

1) Respect the co-owners (myself/Jello).
2) Respect your fellow player.
3) This is a group-based RP. That is, most interactions will require 2+ people by nature of plot developments. In fact, several key events will involve tag duels. As such, it is not viable to go solo, nor is it recommended or supported. Please keep that in mind when you sign up.
4) When you sign up, I will be assigning you to a team at random. These teams are led by people I have pre-chosen for the sake of plot development.
5) There will be a Quest System! This system involves completing tasks with your team, usually dictated as part of the plot or associated with filler while I develop the plot. The rewards for these quests are points that you can spend to acquire special abilities when tag dueling with people in your group, or the guild leader/assistant leader. Based on what was stated before, there is a lot of reasoning throughout this RP to pursue having these skills to fight challenging plot-generated bosses, so please, make use!
6) There will be a modified restricted/ban list for this RP, as well as a section detailing reserved cards for players. Please read these over, as conflict over these has happened in the past.

[NOTE: Rules subject to change.]

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