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Yza "Zwei" Miyamura

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Yza Miyamura

to the beginning:


Why the Plastered Puffin?:
In order to find a method of protecting whatever he has left, but more importantly to alter the course of fate for him and his loved ones. Rumor says the cloak can grant any wish or something of the like, and Yza will not miss out on the chance to fix the horrors his family had gone through. His nickname "Zwei" comes from being the second member to join the Plastered Puffin, aside from the leader. Only one other occupant who must have arrived a decent time before Yza even heard of the place.

Deck Type:

Deck Description:
A deck that is infamous for its theme of time tyrants and Armageddon level monsters, built to Special Summon through nearly every form; Xyz, Synchro, Fusion and Pendulum are all easily accomplished in this archetype.


Yza is a whole new level of scarred-tissue to deal with. Under his stonewall face, he is a whole ball of emotions that got twisted and twirled around. He doesn't particularly take well to talking about his past, nor does he really make assumptions of the future. His mindset is "live here, in the now." This stems from his hatred towards the idea of prophecy, fate, and foretold futures. He refuses to accept that the path you live on cannot be changed. Even if you have no choice, you have a choice. Not to say Yza isn't a particularly sociable person, but he has a lot of landmines you should try to avoid speaking about when around him. He does not vocally voice his anger, but instead quietly absorbs it until he hits a boiling point to which he lets all of it out.


Yza came from a relatively sheltered background. He lived in a rather spacious apartment with his parents, older sister, and his dog Othello. His parents were out more often than not due to having very high-paying and important jobs, often leaving him alone with his sister and dog. Not that it particularly bothered him, in fact he sometimes liked having the house to himself and his elder sibling. They could yell and scream and play video games with the volume turned up really loud and nobody would give a care in the world... Except maybe the people who lived next door.
In Yza's home, they kept a small library in the back of the parents' room. It was at least 12 bookcases long, so there was plenty of material to choose from. Yza self-educated himself after school for about an hour or two everyday, just because he was so interested in the legends of heroes and villains alike. Emperor Caesar of Rome, the Genghis Khan Temujin, and even the Macedonian Conquerer Alexander the Great. These were all things he found to be some of the most relieving historical topics in the world. Calming his nerves... If only this life unbound from evil was going to close like every other fairy tale.
His life came unraveling in front of him like the leather-bound cover of a book he had read. His dad started coming home later, and later... then later... then sometimes the next day. Yza honestly couldn't tell you when, but he eventually just didn't come home at all. His house still got paid for so it ended up not affecting him at first glance, but he was actually a bit shattered to know his father no longer cared for his family. Despite the lack of an establishment of a connection, he still didn't want his father to just up and disappear.
Then his mother got sick from working too hard. She drank, worked, got sick, and rinse repeat. She died at the age of 37 from a mix of alcohol poisoning and an OD. Yza was desensitized by this point, finding the only thing worth protecting being his sweet sister. The one who had been with him this whole time. It was on Yza's 18th birthday; he was coming home from working at bakery, that he came home to a broken down door... his eyes were wide, filled with a tower unbeknownst to him. Creeping inside, he took the metal softball bat he kept in the corner of the living room, and crept towards the bedrooms. He kept his breathing exceptionally still. The bat handle was coated in a layer of sweat from his hand. He heard sniffling... crying...
Upon walking into his sister's room, the first door on the left, he saw what he can only imagine to be the most horrible of memories in his entire life. Two men. Knifes and guns, one had her hands on his dear sister... holding her down by the wrists. They already cut her a few times on the thighs and arms. She was lying nearly lifeless...

Yza took that bat swinging, and made even the Reaper a bit anxious to approach the scene of death now. The walls and floors were coated with thin layers of blood and bone matter now, as Yza held the hand of his sister. It was cold, rigid. He had lost one of the last treasures in his life now, and what was left for him? Othello was around and that was the last-

His neck was snapped in the kitchen, probably to keep from barking. Yza ate that loss with the rest as he chalked his entire life up to being one of the worst. Sitting on his couch, in the dark, hands and sleeves covered in dry blood, he called the police casually. His eyes flicked around the room. They arrived and were rather... astonished at the scene. After thorough explanation from Yza of the situation, they took him into a cruiser to get him away from the area.

"Must be some really crappy luck, huh?"


"Well, it was probably fated to be this way or something."


Yza knew what he had to do. After searching for two and a half years, rumor got around of it.

The Crimson Cloak.

Taking his knowledge of the heroes of legend, he would obtain the cloak and change something nobody else could, because it was an unstoppable force... but knowing the absolute power of the cloak, it was no difficult task, right? To alter the course of fate and uphold the oath he made to himself, and to protect his loved ones at all costs. But first, he needed a team... people to rely on. Maybe if only for a little while. He was savagely bloodthirsty to get back what he lost.

Word got around of a small guild started in the basement of a tavern.

"The... Plastered Puffin? You... have to be joking me."

He arrived in that basement. Nobody was joking.

An Unaccepted Fate
If you have no monsters on your side of the field, once per turn, Pay 1000 Life Points, you may target two "D/D" monsters in your Graveyard, Special Summon them in Defense Position, their effects are negated and both of their ATK and DEF become 0 and are banished at the end of the turn. You may choose 1 effect to apply:
- Choose both Special Summoned monsters by this effect, choose a level between 1-8, both monsters become that level until the end of turn. Then, immediately after the first part of this effect resolves, Xyz summon a "D/D" Xyz monster using the Special Summoned monsters by this effect as materials. You may not Special Summon monsters until the end of turn, except for "D/D" monsters. When an overlay unit is detached from the Xyz monster that was summoned using monsters from this effect, banish that overlay unit instead of placing it in the Graveyard.
- Choose one of the Special Summoned monsters by this effect, it becomes a tuner monster (if it already was a tuner, it remains a tuner) and any level between 1-4 until end of turn. As soon as the first part of this effect resolves, Synchro Summon a "D/D" Synchro monster using the monsters Special Summoned by this effect as materials. The monsters used as materials for this Synchro Summon are banished instead.
- Choose both Special Summoned monsters by this effect, they become materials to Special Summon a "D/D" Fusion monster from your Extra Deck, ignoring its material condition. As soon as this effect resolves, Fusion Summon a "D/D" Fusion monster using monsters Special Summoned by this effect as materials. The monsters used as materials for this fusion are banished instead.
During the turn you activate this effect, you cannot Special Summon other monsters, besides monsters Special Summoned by this effect..


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