Character Profile Template

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Character Profile Template

Post by Ran Suzuka on Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:01 am

Name: The name of your character.
Age: How old your character is.
Why the Plastered Puffin?: There's clearly a reason your character joined the guild. Tell us about it.

Deck Type: The archetype(s)/subarchetypes(s) you'll be using for your deck.
Deck Description: A general explanation of how your deck is supposed to work.

Appearance: This is where you tell us about your character's looks. Note that if you put an image for reference above Name, this isn't exactly necessary.

Personality: Tell us a bit more about your character. This will likely have something to do with why your character joined the Plastered Puffin.

Background: A brief history of your character's life. (Note: Can also be not brief; the main point is that a couple of sentences won't suffice.)

Skills: WIP by our co-host. I will post in the group chat when I have updated the template regarding them.

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